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Introducing LUCE Capsule Collection: Brighten Up Your Ride!

Are you ready to ride in style and embrace the true meaning behind each color?

We proudly present our latest product line featuring breathtaking Demos and Spectro models, now available in an exquisite combination of transparent frames and mirror lenses.

Each color has been carefully selected to represent a unique meaning, allowing you to make a statement while conquering the road.

Teal Blue: Ignite Stability and Trust With our Teal Blue sunglasses, you embody the essence of stability and trust.

As you pedal along the open road, the vibrant teal hue symbolizes reliability and unwavering confidence.  Let the world know that you’re a cyclist who values the trustworthiness of your gear, always delivering exceptional performance.

Violet: Embrace Power and Motivation Indulge in the sheer power and motivation that our Violet sunglasses radiate.

Designed for the passionate cyclist who aspires for greatness, the intense violet shade propels you forward, pushing your limits and surpassing expectations.

With every ride, tap into your inner strength and let the world witness your unwavering determination.

Red: Unleash Strength and Vitality For those who demand nothing but the best, our Red sunglasses embody unparalleled strength and vitality.

As the ultimate statement-making option, the vibrant red hue showcases your bold personality and unwavering drive.

When you wear these shades, you demand attention and seize the road with unrivaled vigor.


Don’t miss the opportunity to own a pair of KOO Sport Sunglasses that represent your inner spirit.

Elevate your cycling experience to new heights as you embrace stability, trust, power, motivation, strength, and vitality.

Get Yours Now and set yourself apart from the crowd.

With KOO Sport Sunglasses, your ride becomes an inspiring journey that reflects your unique aspirations and fuels your passion for cycling.

Order today and let the world witness your true colors.