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#NOONEEXCLUDED campaign powered by KOO

This initiative aims to capture energy, one that we see changing the world of cycling and sport in general.

Before we begin, we wanted to stress our commitment to a sports environment that’s inclusive no matter one’s ability, status, or personal pursuits.

The first topic in this campaign is Cycling for women.

There has always been a difference in how women approach cycling compared to men – because cycling has historically been a male-dominated sport. Now we sense that things are changing. More women are riding bikes; more women are engaging in cycling for many reasons, like discovering new interests, picking up a new pastime, or finding a fun way to keep fit.

How do we know that cycling is for women?

We’ve noticed these changes both in the pro-athlete ranks with the first-ever women’s Paris Roubaix in 2021 and the debut of the Tour De France Femmes in 2022, and on a less-competitive level with more women-only riding activities and organizations.

KOO intends to be a part of this change, to do something to support women who decide to start riding a bike because yes, cycling is for women too.

But cycling is too…

Yet we get the sense that there are still many obstacles that lead people to believe that cycling is not for women.

We know this because we launched a survey in March 2022 called “Girls, how do you see it?” to better understand our audience. Our motive was to collect information about women and cycling, like why they ride, who or what inspires them, what obstacles do they face when just starting out, and/or if there’s something holding them back.

Their answers were revealing and allowed us to gain general insights into this topic.


What we’re doing to get more women into cycling

As a top-performance brand, KOO has always worked alongside pro teams and athletes and collaborated with many talented people in the cycling industry. We asked a few of them to join us in this project.

Together, by supplying information and imparting our collective experience to all beginners, we made it our goal to help them engage in this beautiful sport.

The result is a series of tutorial videos intended to inspire more women to take up cycling.

Cycling is for Women is just the first chapter in a series that will shine a spotlight on other marginalized groups regardless of gender, fitness, and ability. No one is excluded.

We took this first step toward making cycling more inclusive.

We want to help make cycling a sport for everyone.


Take a look at the first Tutorial regarding: How to start cycling and How to
choose your firt bike with Chad Nordwall owner of Above Category.