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James Lawrance is an American triathlete that is challanging himself to the limit with a 100 Triathlons  in 100 days

“I needed to make sure the goal was HUGE”

When you started Triathlons? I’ve started IM in 2005.

Why and when you start thinking about 100 Triathlons  in 100 days? I started thinking about Conquer 100 last summer. I had some other projects that I had been trying to make happen that weren’t working out. So April of 2020 the idea came up and I decided to do some research to see if I could make it happen.



How you find the focus to race 100 Triathlons ? Great question. I’ve to take my mind to a different place, a positive place, thinking about things that make me happy. Sometimes I listen to podcasts or books on tape to help the time pass.

Everything else would be nice to know? People ask me why he didn’t do 75, because 75 didn’t scare me. I had to pick an amount that made me nervous and squirm a little. I needed to make sure the goal was HUGE so it really challenged me.


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